What is bagvertising?

What is bagvertising?

What Is Bagvertising?

A logo, displayed on a bag (i.e. Backpack, office bag, tote bag etc.) that is printed or embossed, is meant to advertise the company to consumers.

“Bags are walking billboard, grab the opportunity to publish your message out”

What Is Bagvertising used for?

Bagvertising offers you the chance to co-brand and advertise your company that customers or employees use and create impressions every day as they travel thus, increasing brand visibility and reaching to more (potential) customers.

Bagvertising is done by creatively designed bags that speak of your brand or communicate your message out there without even showing the brand name. Because putting a logo is least what can be done to promote a brand.

The point of bagvertising is to engage your audience in the creativity, design and usability so that the (potential) customers get puzzling communication which audience gets tremendous satisfaction in engaging to your ad message.

This type of bagvertising is an eye-catching and effective way to create a buzz among people, which can further lead to enhancing credibility and return on investment (ROI).

“The traveller sees what he sees, the passerby sees your message”

With marketing and advertising being your company’s most significant asset, we at Galaxy Bags make sure our Bagvertising products assist and reinforce your brand to create client engagement much simpler. These bags are creative, they’re not like a billboard or poster in one place, they keep travelling all over, this ensures a wider audience coverage.

How can we help you in Bagvertising?

Design custom bags of 25+ categories for your business, group or event with us. Choose from a wide variety of custom bag styles, including backpacks, grocery bags, sports bags, travel bags, golf bags, coolers, and so much more. We’ll decorate your bags using the latest technologies in print, embroidery and more for high-quality products with your custom branding.

“An average bag lasts more than enough to get the ROI on your Bagvertising”

We make it easy for you just send us your logo rest we take care of. Custom bags are perfect for advertising, corporate events, business gifting, tradeshows, team uniforms, brand promotion… there are so many possibilities! Select a bag style or tells us about your brand to get started.

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